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Why do people swear so much?

Radical Canjeerorism

Enticingly inscribed with fiery finesse.
The more controversial and taboo a word is the more it'll make people wanna say it, cause it'll make them seem 'edgy' and 'cool'

It's a cheap tactic to evoke badassery for some and habitual way of constructing sentences for others, either way it comes from our rebellious nature to not comply with conventional speech
Most people don’t swear excessively because they think it’s cool. It's just how they’re used to talking.


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I previously thought swearing was something only low income people and the youth did until I entered the workforce. Its the favourite pastime of well-off white collar whites. They also love to smoke marijuana or do coke.

Macalin M

Ciyaalka xaafada
I don’t swear. I use some curse words but that’s just part of normal speech. It’s not said in a bad way. It’s part of my speech the same way using connectives is part of my speech

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