Why Do people blindly support Somaliland?

Peace is good but what’s the point with peace if there’s no development ?
I think basra is right. Africans work on a different wavelength. They aren’t interested in building the kind of society they want to live in, bare minimum is enough. in this case not killing each other

It isn’t only Somalilanders, but all Somalis will follow their clan’s decisions without questions raised. At-least, there are now emerging increasing numbers of Somalilanders (Isaaq clan) who are questioning the merit of a succession. Other clans, if their clan militias obliterate a village composed of children and women, no one dares to criticise the actions of the clan.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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Nigga if you're Sacad Muse your people control the government and could do as they please what are you complaining for?
Qabiil is pointless if I’m homeless or broke do you think someone from my tribe will help me out No but If I where to kill someone or commit a crime than they will come and rescue me which is messed up

Just cause I’m sacad muse don’t mean I should defend the government and praise them when they do bare minimum