Why can't there be Sharia Law in Somalia?

Yes, I know there are elements of Sharia in Somali society. But why not full Sharia? The reason why Somalis are in the problems we are in now: tribalism, killing, fasaq, etc., is because we don't really have Islam in our lives. Think about it. A father chewing khat neglecting his family, if he had Islamic values instilled in him he wouldnt be chewing khat. Somali women marrying ajnabis, first of all dating is haram and an ajnabi would find a xaliimo when she's locked away in the house. Theres a lot of issues in Somali society pertaining to the patriarchy and men being leaders in the Somali society and communities, and showing women their place; with love and kindness ofcourse. Tribalism is a big problem among Somalis if we had Sharia the Muslim ruler would ban any Muslim being racist. Islam is the only solution.


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