Why cant i get addicted to cigarettes

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From the ages of 18 - 22 smoking weed on and off with tobacco and still dont crave cigarettes. Only when im drunk or on other drugs do i crave cigarettes. This past Friday night i must have smoked like 8. I still have 10 left on my desk havent felt the urge to touch them.


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I'm like you only smoke when Iam at the club yet not bothered the moment I step out of it. Been doing this for 7 years now


Let that sizzle in your spirit
I will say Masha Allah and you should say Alhamdulillah. The addiction of cigarettes is a *****, been relapsing more times than I can count sheep during a sleepless night


I wish I wasn't addicted to cigarettes but I clearly am. I like it cause it relaxes me like a relaxant. But I will quite one day just not yet, I am enjoying it to much. I smoke about 10-12 a day but I could survive with just 5 a day after meals, wa kibir inta kale!!! 1 in the morning, 1 before i sleep, and 3 for each meal of the day. I could survive quite easily on that!!! I also noticed if I am busy and occupied, I won't need it. It's just when I am not that's when I do

But I won't go near that shisha, heard it's like smoking 1000 cigarettes in one session
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