Why Bantus can't be Somalis

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Let me tell you truth ! You can't enslave and dominate an entire population and then expect them to follow your political narrative .Through no fault of their own , The modern day Bantus of Somalia were taken to Somalia, thus : It is not their fault their ancestors were sold by other Africans to Arabs and bought to work in Somalia .

For those of you who understand history , politics and economics , Sedentary farming populations tend to produce large populations in comparison to pastoralist populations . The pastoralist like Some of the Somali clans were able to conquer and dominate large swathes of land due to their militaristic lifestyle and ability to move quickly .

That is all over now . The Bantus are increasing in population and may one day make up 1/4 of the Somali population .nomadic culture is dying slowly !

They should be given full rights immediately and be allowed to set up an autonomous state , lest they launch another nasib bundo rebellion and drag the somAlis clowns of their beds or join Kenya .


It's all so tiresome
They are here to stay.

I don't see any threats from them.

We outbreed them and we usually don't touch the jobs they're happy to carry out.

Also we don't want to be ostracized by the rest of sub-sahara Africa if we ever want to trade with them.

The only issue I'm concerned with is their loyalty to Somalia after decades of prejudice.

Might not be fair to them but I'm worried some disgruntled ones might sell us out to other Bantu countries for revenge (industrial and military espionage or sabotage).

We should either welcome them into our group as one of us or bribe other Bantu nations to take them in.... and expect our favourability rating with Africans and progressives to take a downturn.
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