Why are the Hawiye opposition in Somalia making a fuss when they sold the entire disputed territory to Kenya?

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Why are they making all the noise when they sold it in their term? We have to stop former Hawiye presidents from seizing power in Somalia. They will sell more things because they don't understand civility and governance. They will even rip and sell the metal cladding in Mogadishu's port. We can't trust them at all. Somalia can't give the seat to Hawiye president because they will cause chaos in Somalia.

It is really sad to see the Marehan president regard his fellow Darood clansmen as outcasts. He gave all the military posts and built the Hawiye arrmy since he came into power. All the SNA consists of Hawiye mafia and militia who continue to build their clan strength while this bastard even neglects his own clan. Somalinimo has made him drunk with patriotism. At the end of the day he will be asked what he did for Darood and specifically Marehan during his entire term.


It was individuals who sold our seas, the great hawiye people would never sign off an inch of our country. Please stop generalizing :)


OP @Paris don't know if you realized, but this site isn't exactly the best platform for this sort of thing. I imagine only a small minority of members, if any, are of age and reside in Somalia.

Parailia somalensis

Who is making the fuss I have not seen anything about this lately?
I watched former Somalia president Hassan Sheikh make a fuss about the disputed territory with Kenya and blame Farmajo for many things out of his control. This is the guy who was air shipping heavy weapons to Galkayo during the Galmudug-Puntland skirmish when he was Somalias official president. How can he even seek re-election?


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I agree they are not made to lead, they were our followers throught history, we shouldn't let them hold any type of top posts in the country from now on before they destroy everything again, they thrive on lawlessness and anarchy, Somalia would have been a developed country by now if they didn't scrap every roof of a building for a change.

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