Why Are South-Central Somalis Weak?

I really want to ask this question to Mogadishu to South Galkacyo clans in-particulary Abgaal and HG, who are like 60% of that region, why can't they take over the security, unite their clans-men, and deliver services to their people. Look at Mogadishu, u rely on Somali-wayn and foreigners to come to your city and build it for you.

U need help in everything from basic security, to investments, there is nothing I can point to which you do for yourselves? why is this clan so weak? did the civil war basically destroy all their capacity. Other then doing 'skirmishes and hit n runs' I don't see anything left of beelaha hawiye manta oo la oran karo waa awood jira, we need to revise somali power-sharing along the lines of what the fuck do you control and where and if you are not in control, just sideline them niggas and tell them you need a land and territory before u come and talk politics.
Galmudug is not weak. It i just as peaceful as Puntland and almost like Somaliland. Infact I would say that Galmudug is only a few years behind Puntland and Inshallah we will be better than Puntland in regards to everything.

Puntland has little to show for all those years of peace. Whatever they have, Galmudug has. And Inshallah Hobyo port development will be completed. All those years and they haven't even expanded Bosaso port. Even Garacad will be a threat to Bosaso.

The problem is Mogadishu because the people their believe in Somalimo. They welcome anybody as their friends and equals, which is why you have a loser and nobody like Farmajoo as the president of Mogadishu. You have a loser from Lascanood as the head of police in Mogadishu. The whole government of Farmajoo is Darood and Isaac. There is no Hawiye.

In Galmudug we are different. We are similar to Sl and PL. We don't like outsiders. We will never accept a man from Lascanood to be our head of police.. We fight for our own interests and we are not ashamed of it. Because of this we are better than the rest of Hawiyes. There is no Al-shabab in our land. We have defeated Al-shabab and our free of those losers.

Basically Abgaal is the problem because they are too nice and naive. Also Hawiye are generally xasad to each other. This is what happens when you are xasad to your own brother.
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