Why Are Somalis Politicians Un-Scientific?

Every western government prides itself being scientific, evidence gathering, statistic orientated, measurements based governments. They don't just do things for the sake of it. If anything is done, it's first gathered evidence to prove a need is required, they prioritize their need on impact and urgency and 'number it', they look at return on investment of their money not emotion or tribe or racial(money either grows or decreases) it needs science. I noticed Somalis are very unscientific especially our leaders. Do you think this is what is causing our civil war?

We are not using western methods in loo kala baxo? we are using opinions and arguments and this is led to a circle for 30 years. We need to bring evidence, statistics, numbers, measurements, return on investment year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 scales, priority maps and rankings on needs not emotion, impact assessment and how much value our government investment generated. Reviewing and lessons learned and archiving this into libraries. Creating statistic gathering who looks over this data and begins compiling and seeing patterns of failure and success in policy and presenting this to our government. I don't see this sort of scientific style government in Somalia, is this what is holding Somalis back? You have your say.
Even on the Somali-Spot u will see just rants of emotions and FKD but never delivery of facts or measurements. It's usually conspiracy based which shows a un-scientific mind or someone who fails to grasp the scientific method. Our leaders are identical also. Heck you even see Fake census estimates being used by our government, how can you collect data that isn't verified by science or maths? because I did my own calculations using my own sample rate and figured out and nugaal to be anywhere from 500k to 1 million using city/rural ratio based on an average sample rate for every 1 city person there is 4 rural person, because this is my own sample in Garowe. I didn't do Bari or Mudug as I am not familiar with that area but all I used was basic maths we learn in high school level.

It's not even advanced mathamatics wallahi. Wallahi it's sad we can't even measure 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer BOX and count how many houses are in each and give 8 people to a household and multiply it over how many kilometers a city spans by length and width to reach a satisfactorily estimate. A figure that is far more accurate then counting people which we don't have the money for and even if we do count the people we know what 'estimate' tells us so the census can only have a slight variation give or take a few percentage.

You see now what I mean, this is lacking right at the top of our government because they are collecting incorrect information and this is going to mean money will be wasted and will not grow from our investment because your working with wrong data. You will see constantly investments like Carmo Police Academy which we lost money too and now is dying, why? totally opinion driven policies not scientific. If it was scientific it would've known this is 'already' built and we need to either sell it to get our money back or fund it to keep it running. You can't eve prove or measure your progres if you don't have the correct data to work from.
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For 1 million people in Mogadishu u will need to explain how 65k people live within a kilometer radius. Show us now 1 kilometer area of Hamar inu 65k ku nool yahay. Count the houses and we will give it an estimate of 8 per household. 8 x how many houses you count. This can make anyone then say ok this is maths now. If we find less then 65k in that kilometer radius, u will need to accept your overall town figure is going down also when multiplied against your length and width.

Hadi saa loo hadli laha this arguments wouldn't be happening, science is OBJECTIVE not Subjective. It's accurate and figure based, dood maba keeni karto unless you don't like the method used.
@Qarboosh ok kilometer might be to hard for you to measure. Even measure me 100 meter by 100 meter and how many houses. I will work your city in meters by dividing kilometers. Maths is excellent, you always get an answer.