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Why Are Shia United?

I never see a shia killing a shia civilian no matter where in the world. I never see them disloyal to Iran. But when u look at sunnis, they are fractured at state level and even as terrorist groups their is hundreds of them and they all attack sunni civilians. Who is to blame? lots of sunnis obviously love to poke the finger at Iran and Shia for all the problems but if I was a shia I would respond 'your house is on fire and you want to talk about my house which is standing and united'? I blame squarely the problem of sunnis on sunnis not shias. Sunnis attack each other, fight, kill, nearly 95% of the terrorism is them in the world.

The Sunni world has collapsed, rather then running around killing others go reform yourselves and say the sunnis need a new beginning. I think when sunnis delved into politics this was their down-fall, maybe it's time sunni take the secular route that saved christianity from tearing each other apart for government and power, that's why they secularized to save themselves from war. Sunnis are in the same boat, it's time to declare religion and state are separate and religion is personal and state is shared.
The reason is that Shias have a centralized class of both political AND religious power combined. What the mullahs and ayatollahs say is what goes when it comes to religion,economics, and international relations

Sunnis have no centralized clergy, no one gives a shit what Saudis say to do or the Ermirates

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
Well shias definitely have had their internal strife and continue to do so today. For example during the lebanese civil war Hezbollah and Amal, both shia parties with military wings, were slaughtering eachother.

Also you are forgetting there are around 160 million shi'is and over 1.5 billion sunnis so there will inevitably be more
division in the larger group.

You're the same guy who made the thread saying that christianity was superior to Islam and now you are advocating for secularism, go push your vile ideas somewhere else you deviant.