Why are most somalis talkers??

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We are cursed with a weird disease.The disease seems small but impacts our live horribly.this disease is excessive talking.

Always try to do things instead of talking, whether that be volunteering for a local charity or building a small product or offering a service.Never talk about things unless you are currently doing them.

Most somalis are taxi drivers talking about government positions in somalia all night.Or meat workers at night while tea shop goers in morning.

Does anyone know when this trend became common route.


They talk about how well they know women when their ex cheated on them and their room is full of old socks with unmentionable stains on them


Cadans are the most talkers of any race, based on literature. That’s the difference between them and us. They put their ideas on paper for others to read. That’s why they successful. Oral tradition useless.
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