Why are men so bad at chores


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Has anyone else noticed how bad men are at cleaning and cooking? Even the ones who say they know are bad. Like they do such a half ass job at it.

When my brothers do chores, they can’t complete them as efficiently as my sisters or me. It’s not as clean or organized when they do it.

Or when it comes to cooking. I have met men who brag about their cooking skills but they make bland, nasty food. It’s like women innately know how to season and cook things in comparison.

I don’t want to be sexist, but why are they so bad at doing household tasks? They’re like children.

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I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
it is usually because they don't have a good practice of the chores. i can cook and clean very well, since i practiced and was taught on how to do that.


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Lmaooo you guys still fall for the age old trick. No man wants to cook and clean so if you do a shit job when asked , women will stop asking .


Some niggas are babied until they move out of their parents house so they lack the experience in that area.


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Cleaning and Cooking aren’t chores that men do most of the time. Most Men do chores like Sweeping, Vaccuming, Lifting all the heavy stuff and shit like that. I’m not saying most men can’t and shouldn’t clean/cook but there’s the answer to your question.