Why are Jeans Looked down upon by Somalis


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What I find odd is that girls wearing jeans is considered ceeb cause it reveals theyre body shape

images (38).jpeg

But skirts like this are not considered ceeb


Eh not really. I’d say about 50% or even more of the Somali girls in Toronto wear pants. It’s not ceeb anymore just like how not wearing a hijab is becoming more common

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@Mercury back at it again. That is a western Xalimo, I can tell by her masculine face so irrelevant pic sxb.
Only women who dress loosely in Somaliya are orphan girls who have no father or older brothers around


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Go to Toronto sxb where you will see atleast 10 somali girls wearing skin tight jeans and smoking a bougie in the streets :mjlol:
Xaalimos are just built different wallahi, if women back home started to wear jeans :wowsweat:
no one would be able to contain themself.

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