Whose been catcalled before?

Have you ever been cattcalled

  • yes

  • No

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oh god why post in on somalispot.

you will have 100 males telling fake lies about how they are always chased by girls and crap. but If I have to be honest it frequently happens to me (once every couple of days)
My reaction really depends on the situation: if it's daytime & lots of people are nearby just keep it moving
At night or when I'm alone I usually just go into the nearest shop and call someone/wait until they're out of sight
Always keep a straight face :wtfdis:
I rarely get cat called but i do get intense stare from time time usually from cadan men. they could be talking to some and not know they're just starring while everyone else can see whats happening .I just keep walking act like nothing is happening lol this is why i always wear abay now adays. am not sure if this is compliment or that should stay away from colorful outfits.
Even if you look like Shrek, you will have been catcalled before. It's a universal experience for women. Men have no standards after all lmao.

And yes. I've been catcalled before. In fact, I am in a coffee shop right now and some random madhow guy just gave me a nod? :/