who's taking this colossal L

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even dhaqancelis wouldn't fix this, @Reiko perfectly coined the term bashirs don't pin this on abdis
These boys obviously have no father figures in their lives. Somali dads need to start being like cadaan ones and take their sons fishing, play sports and other male bonding rituals :yloezpe:


To each their own
It's probably a secretive khaniis club for Somali boys, they all look stressed out because they cannot come out of the closet so they decided to make these videos as a coping mechanism.
Since we cant figure out their qabil

Let’s hand this to ALL Somali men
no dads around....raised by their mum. Thank god my dad was semi around. He used to punch us and yell at us when he was around. That prepared us for the real world and made us straight. Mum was too nice and lax. Too much niceness will lead to becoming booty warrior
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