Whos Sexier? Somali Girls Or Ethiopian Girls?

Somali Girls or Ethiopian Girls?

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I know most of it is banter, and even though beauty is subjective – I’m going to guess some of you at least believe in half of the shit you guys are saying, because you wouldn’t involve yourself with these threads.

Also, what I noticed was, with the exceptions of some the girls preferring dark skin AA men, the majority if not all the guys are into lighter skin females. So basically, the majority of the guys and some of the ladies, have to admit that East Africans are sexier with more Middle Eastern/North African/Caucasian DNA. Because so far, not one has picked East Africans that are all more pure “East African”.

I’m not trying spew some pro-melanin ideology here, but are some of you going to admit – the more Middle Eastern/North African/Caucasian admixture Africans have – the better looking they are, right?
Not true. I've been to North Africa. Lived there for a bit and the locals look malnourished and dusty. I couldn't give anyone a second look. If we are discussing Horners. Habeshis are only slightly more admixed 10 % and with Southern Arabian admixture. In women, it kind of gives some of them that pronounced jaw. Somalis have softer jaws, characteristic of pure Cushites. I find the latter more attractive. I fail to see your point and how it pertains to Somalis (they have a variety of tones but the same levels of ancient admixture). Also, does an assymetric hooknose classify as a Caucasian trait? Yes. Is it sought after. Only by cosmetic surgeons. :pachah1:
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Thread became more successful than its rival thread. @Someone Just retire from SSPOT, you got knocked the f*ck out :pachah1:
:bell:I don't think it's very fair to pit an ethnicity, Somali, against an entire nation, Ethiopia. When you guys say xabashi, what do you mean? Those insta-***s aren't all amxaaras.


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While Ashy Abdis are drinking caano iyo shaah, living in their mom's basement.

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