Whos Sexier? Somali Girls Or Ethiopian Girls?

Somali Girls or Ethiopian Girls?

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John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!
Huh what do you mean here?

So you never seen a curvy xabeshi chick ever? I honestly think you're hating. I seen your other posts about somali men getting xabeshi women and getting aids. :mjohreally:


I never said they weren't curvy. But I said even if a Somali girl posted a pic with those proportions I would be skeptical. And Somali girls tend to be curvier than Ethiopians. Is that a lie? Kkkkkk

The pics I posted are more representative and you have to be delusional to disagree.


cismaan maxamuud
If you want your Somali girl to
Dress a certain way tell her, Better
yet bring out your Credit card and
take her shopping!

:denzelnigga: Swipe the card but don't
Get mad, when every man thirsts
Over her!
Tbh all somali girls need to do is eat,its a pretty simple formula,eat up and watch the marriage proposals rolling:manny: