Well all those times I had someone beef you guys that wasn’t me when I said weird stuff that wasn’t me... maybe a few gay shit but only a few... basically this account that your looking at is supposed to be a one and only original account where people log in and say what they feel like. I know a smart invention I guess no I’m not Canadian that’s also someone else actually the original user is a female she doesn’t log in that much...

That’s all I wanted to say so don’t be surprised when we get 25,000 Posts under OUR belts 👨🏾‍💻


Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
You got called all kinda names for posting controversial sus posts so many times you had to change your gender to evade from that. Nice one though. One and only original account kulaha lmaoo
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Cirka Gacan Saarte 💪🏾🇸🇴
As a Darood man, who has his whole Daroodi life ahead of him, no freinds of yours who are Somali would ever be endorsing your sus like behavior throughout this dazy pandemic. So forget about them partaking in it, it's a little too little too late, the kats out the bag sxb and we all know you aint munching on it like locust