Who owns hiiraan.com?

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This website is against Somalinimo, against Somali peace. It spreads deception and hate. Most of it headlines are negative wallahi. Some of it articles are copy and paste or it third grade writing
Ahmed E. Gure Former Somali airlines Pilot


against Somalinimo, against Somali peace?? His track record speaks for itself

From Ottawa Canada. . He has Done a lot work in the somali Community in Ottawa


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
Hiiraan was one of the first professional Somali websites in the 90's and 2000's, back in the AOL dial up days I use to login and turn the BBC on for my parents via Hiiraan.com. Most of the other websites catered to sub clan politics and were warlord mouth pieces. Hiiraan was for everyone. However I have noticed that within the last half a decade, they rely heavy on bots and algorithm to repost any 'Somali" related articles from google search engines. They no longer put real effort in being a news website. I have faith that they will hear our cries and return to their humble background :)
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