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Who do you like/dislike on SSpot


The Qadr of Allaah ta’aala is always in our favor.
I have gotten so unpopular on Sspot in 2019 that im never on these lists anymore, not even the most disliked ones.

Im miss 2018... :kendrickcry:

Maybe I should bring back my pic as dp like I used too, the Xalimoids used to go crazy in my dms :mjpls:
I see many new users. Where the others at?? :farmajoyaab:


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Let Them Eat Cake
I like all sspotters...but lately iam developing love feelings for @Basra :jcoleno:

O Basra, lets run away. They wont find us.

oh Marple flag resident,
ye think of Whitney Houston song,
I cannot be with you, but i will always love ye,
no distant can make a dent,
on ye reporting nature of scent!


The Qadr of Allaah ta’aala is always in our favor.
I have no idea amore. I was absent throughout most of this year. Some of these newer users are cool kids tho. Were u also absent?
Same, haven’t been as active as last year! Now I come here once in a while.

My favorites

@Kudhufo Kadhaqaq @Reiko @TheShinning @Sheikh @Jiron @Basra (even you Basra) @R.Kelly @AliUK @sophisticate (my fellow gadabuursi spotter) @Geeljire sanbuur @Yusra Luuza @Gambar @Abdalla @Gucci mane @SilverL

Couple spotters I can’t tag for some reason: Cangeerobear, TheCushicticOne, Idil-Beydaan

Must have forgot someone...
Aw, sis @Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa . I think we would get along very well along side @saredochani10.:it0tdo8: I also love @Finesse a very intelligent sister ma'sha'allah. @Nilotufian is a funny and an intelligent sister but sometimes @Apollo(intelligent as well) confuse the hell out of me.:ftw9nwa: @Armadillo and eedo @Basra one of the most hilarious users. @Inquisitive_ needs to tone down the xaliimo hatred but I think he is a knowledgeable. I used to get angry at some of his posts that seem to generalize xalimos but wallah I cant even get angry anymore. I find it AMUSING.

@Tukraq and @Abdisamad3 are similar. hmmm.. you two the same person?:gaasdrink: jk, you two are funny.
@Timo madow and proud my lovely brother:it0tdo8:

@Dr.Xayawaan and @Farhiya 687 when is the wedding? I am shipping it already! Both of you are awesome!
@Samaalic Era another great intelligent brother ma'sha'allah!

Love you too sis :it0tdo8:


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After I watched the whole video, I cannot support this!!!
Amal, why are you selling bleach? That cream that you’re promoting is a lighting product.
I thought Somalis have moved on since the 90’s, obviously not. Shame on you! Proud to be dark skinned!!!!!

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