Whites have gone too far

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The end times are near :drakelaugh:

I even saw some Norwegian beat all the blacks in the 400m hurdles :ooh:

Then some fellow from Azerbaijan beat them @ the 200m :susp:

They even have a new fuhrer on twitter :russ:

I am eating spinach and cambuulo and doing sit ups every morning :damn:

Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death
We'll be first ones to be attacked if a war breaks out

We have no allies because Somalis thought it was a good idea to shit on everyone

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Even my country isn't safe from this disease

Meet the 3 percenters

An eight-month VICE Canada investigation into the inner workings of the group has found it to be a tight-knit openly anti-Islamic group that is unique in Canada's far-right ecosystem—one that, as one expert puts it, seems to be a "wholesale lift of an American militia." During VICE Canada's investigation, the group's rhetoric and tactics rapidly escalated from virulently anti-Islam online posturing to IRL monitoring of mosques, live fire paramilitary-style training, claiming to buy land, and plans for creating smoke and flash bombs.
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