White women discuss the struggles of being married to Faraax.

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Forget about her being White she needs to get a backbone! If you're not a *** then it's not an insult. For crying out loud some people need to get a sense of humour, us Somalis have nicknames for everyone even if it is offensive.
Yas replied to my topic without cursing me out




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True. Most somali guys are not even into cadaan women.
Somalis are the only people on earth who think they're better than everyone else and when they're done with other ethnicities they turn into each other's qabiil. Muh qabiil is better... :wow1:
This is really common, that poor boy though.

I had a friend and her mother would call her ****** and ********* for not washing the dishes or cleaning the house. Then on a private FB group for Somali women I saw a lot of women complaining that they hated their mothers for calling them those words when they were little. A lot of Somalis are growing up with issue due to verbal abuse as children.
Rush hour live? :siilaanyolaugh:
That's disgusting! Why use your kids as slaves in the first place and then abuse them for not conforming to that? I'd hate my mother too is she called me a ****** in public. Lagu waa!
My mom started saying my lips look like a siil :mjlol::dead: Because they were really natural red/pink or something wallahi i diedddddd
Does anyone else find the idea of a group dedicated to sharing your experiences with marriage to a specific race and/or ethnicity disturbing in the slightest? I mean I knew they existed prior to this thread but there's just something really off-putting about them
Fetish i think. Like a science study dedicated to analyze our being :damedamn:


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:mjkkk: I once heard a Somali lady at a wedding try to console the mother of the groom that married out by saying, "don't worry, he will eventually divorce her and marry Somali." They have no chill. :mjlaugh:


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how'd they spell ********* & Gaalo perfectly with elongated vowels:cosbyhmm:
smells like a kaadi stained nigis:hmm:
I've been called a ********* by literally every Somali I've met and I have heard mothers call their daughters by that word. It's not a big deal.
That is so wrong. A mothers words really do sting & I think I'd have a hard time getting over it :kendrickcry:
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