White people

They ask for weed
This has happened so many times in my lifetime. its ridiculous whether its a english guy or some white tourist from austria :pachah1: idc i take whateva it is, no less then a 100. Buss a corner even now when im fairly comfy, share that with whoever with me its nothing but dont ask me for weed tf. Ill take your money and ready for w.e comes behind that.

Even on my good nights in central people wanna ask for yay or the rest of it.


They take care of their lawn as if it was a family member waa yaab they know us Somalis would have our geel eat up their freshly cut lawn I believe this is why cadaans are scared of Somalis coming to the west
- are judged on an individual basis rather than being white
- kiss their dogs
- disrespect their parents and put them in senior living facilities