Where do you see yourself in a decade Inshallah

If I manage to live up to 2030 inshallah. I would be 25 by that time wow... I hope I manage to have some type of degree and a good net worth and a wife that loves and appreciates her Somalinimo. I also hope to have lots of businesses in Somalia, and to be able to pray 5 times a day on the regular. To at least finish half the Quran and to get into Somali politics and help the future of Somalia and to also get into coding as well.

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Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
Probably in grad school or academia, running my own lab. I will not be married by that time, but about 4-5 after it, i will settle down. I will move to the USA by then, if I don’t die before that.


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