When the husband gets back from work should he help the wife with Household chores?

Should the husband help?

  • Yes, Its my home why shouldnt i?

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  • No, Im tired from working all day

    Votes: 16 55.2%

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If I'm the primary breadwinner of the family, then it shouldn't be too hard to ask for a clean home to come back to every evening. However, I do understand that my wife may not always be able to keep up with her chores, which in that case I shouldn't mind helping her out every now and then.

If we both work, then we both should equally contribute to the household chores.

If she's somehow the breadwinner, then the household chores would be my responsibility.

It's really not that hard of a concept to grasp; everyone has their fair share of work to complete and distributing it to make it simple for both the husband and wife should not be seen as that big of a challenge.
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If she is not working, it is her job so she should not expect any help from me. I wouldn't expect her to take my shift at my job if I was exhausted.

I would only take on handyman work.

If she works then we split the housework.
Well it depends on if they're both working and who came home first too. I wouldn't mind cooking though.

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