Whats your top 3 Favourite Albums

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what do you mean choose 3 :gucciwhat:
This is in no particular order:
Anything Kanye except Yeezus :vqbuyv0:

(blonde was sort of a disappointment compared to this tbh)

("It Was Written" also deserves an honourable mention :qri8gs7:)
Peak Mariah :banderas:

No explanation needed

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Biggie is bad artist. How do you guys understand that fat f*ck who raps while chocking on a burger

I feel bad for the dude. heard he took break from every line he raps.

I feel more bad for the studio for editing his work L0L.

Like tupac , biggie was killed by a Music critic who couldn't stand his crap work


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
TQ: They never saw me coming
50 cent: get rich or die trying
The Game: The documentary
J.Cole: Born sinner
Kanye west: all his albums
Lil wayne in his prime, the carter series and drought mixtapes :banderas:
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