What's your talent?


Dsavv is a fucking muppet
What are you really good at that you could actually make a career out of?
Real niggas know I used to play for arsenal but hooyo didn't want me to go pro:(

a y a n

nigga I am not a firefighter
teaching somehow
i was always good at getting friends to understand entire units of content within 30 minutes before a test and they always get 95+


Getting draids inshallah
I think Somali parents are the reason we don't see many successful diaspora athletes and what do you mean reading people? That can mean different things:pachah1:

I know wtf you're gonna do in a situation. Growing up in a fucked up neighborhood will teach you this skill.

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
Basketball and singing to xalimos :samwelcome:

i quit playing school ball 12th grade coach kept making me play forward when I was meant to be a guard :mahubowtf: