Whats your most awkward and embarrassing moment/s?

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My most awkward time, i was on the phone to Sky, complaining about a high bill. As I'm talking to the call centre adviser, i hit my pinky toe on the side of the wall. And suddenly, i shout out, "Ahh f*ck Jewish".
Upon saying that, i froze, and so did the guy i was on the phone to.

I must've stayed silent for about a good minute, then he was like, "is everything ok sir?". Then i apologised and awkwardly carried on with the conversation. I really hope he wasn't a Yahudi.

My most embarrassing time was when i was about 17. I was visiting cousins who lived in South London. One Saturday night, we went to the pictures. We took the bus to Streatham cinema, as we're getting off the bus, the bus doors literally closed on my neck. As you can imagine, it was a truly funny picture: having my head stuck outside of the bus, while my body was inside.
Alhamdulillah, i wasn't beheaded. But i was definitely embarrassed and laughed off the bus by all who witnessed it.
Later, one of my cousins was like, i should've thrown myself on the floor and had a fake fit and get some compo from the bus company. I was like, screw that I'm glad my head is still attached to my body.
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Tripping up on the treadmill and went flying back against the wall, rip whatever gym clout I had. Cute girls were giggling past me, it's all good though you live and learn. That just reminded me of that video of the somali mum falling off the treadmill, lmao someone link it.
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