What's Your Astrological Sign?

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Haven't checked these things since I was 16 damn :icon lol:

I remember being so proud of finding out my Scorpion sign because it seemed so cool only to realize quickly how uncool it was when I told my friends :gucciwhat:

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Wait did you just say "Zodiacs are an actual thing"? You trolling?

I don't know much about zodiacs but it is listed as a horoscope on most sites. Matter of a fact wiki listed it as a horoscope. So it is a horoscope. Btw please don't say it's got nothing to do with astrology:O27GWRK:waad is ceebeenisaa :icon mrgreen:.

Zodiac is shirk. Forget about shirk, what level-headed person buys into that bullshit?
Zodiac =/= horoscope
Zodiacs are actual star patterns in the sky with names. Horoscopes are false pieces of info that are said to be linked to them. There's a difference, I took an astronomy (not astrology) class last year.

These patterns appear in the sky during certain points of the year on a path in the sky called the ecliptic. Zodiacs are science, horoscopes are not.
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