What's the longest you haven't had a shower


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Me one week and noticed my skin becoming oily and itchy.
Unfortunately I can't go a day without having a shower, I've been like this for around 8 years, ever since I started drinking xulbo, it's a curse but I cant live without the damn thing so I just shower everyday instead.
Id say a week when i was younger due to certain commitments lol. Still used soap and sponge for my armpits tho. Nobody supposed to smell your b.o. cmon.

Smh this is why they call us smelly Somalians y’all musty asf
****** smells like he ran a marathon 5mins after the shower so idk you're saying. And white people we all know about.


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Speaking of shower...There was this arab girl who said I can’t take shower until my period is over. :susp: :vqbuyv0: They apparently have this idea that if you shower especially with warm water during your period you’ll damage your inner organs. I thought she was joking at first but I got it confirmed from her landsmen they were saying omg you’re crazy you need to take care of your body don’t shower.
Now this led me to think maybe...Is this the reason why the Jewish men made their women leave the house when they are on their period...unclean?:faysalwtf:
Must be a North African arab(berber/Maghreb). Middle Eastern arab culture is very clean.:nahgirl:



This thread is crazy kkkk
Jk asides

One or two days max depends on the weather , we have a saying running water can be bipolar ,this city has many shortages once a while , so people fill jerigaan and tanks, in case that happens.


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