What's the beef between Somalis and Jamaicans these days?


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You telling me Usain Bolt is jealous of the bootleg version of himself Barkad Abdi lol
Most short distance runners aren't in the ball park of Usain Bolt. And most Somali guys don't look like Barkhad Abdi let alone a bootleg version. Abdis for the win.
Yh I hate Jamaicans, they are too fucking loud and arrogant. Not gonna lie though, a lot of Africans copy them a lot, including Somalis, here in the UK at least.
You know tbh, I can’t really hate Jamaicans because they can’t do shit to me or my homeboys and I also kinda feel sorry for what the white man did to them.

What pisses me off about them is their degenerate culture of twerking, crack smoking, foul-mouthedness, bad dressing in public etc. Basically everything we look down on, they embrace it, and also they act like the world owes them something.
Jamaicans didnt like africans in general lol. many afs i grew up in school with used to claim jam only for me to find out the same man are proudly nigerian now :mjlol:

All this talk about them and us is minor and way over exaggerated on the net by people who shit themselves when a madow looks at them. It used to be mad before like 10+ years but not now lol
Fr these man exaggerate way too much I grew up in North and went school with bare yardies/west Affs all sorts of other ethnicities back in the early 2010s and we were all blessed lol no one got bullied over ethnic background unless u were a straight up fuuley or neek
The only times in London (dk about the rest of the Uk) when Somalis and jamaicans had problems was the 90s and early 2000s, my dad used to tell me stories of how they despised us lol the older generation were suttin else..

No one gets bullied or targeted over ethnic background anymore lol some of u man use that excuse to hide the fact u were just bullied in general :francis:
I see a lot of talk about the issues with other groups in the UK. Can someone tell me what the general interactions with them are like? I mean they can’t be all bad?
I think the solution would be for Somalis to just move out of low income neighborhoods and move on with our lives. Let them hate from the hood. Overtime this will just go away.
This calacaal is getting astronomical everyday here or twitter we get someone complaining about madows its boring wallahi stand up for yourselves and this will end I guarantee you guys not letting them live rent free on your head will be good for your health kkkk
I can’t lie when I went to Sweden my cousins and der bredrins were violating the habesh there 🤣🤣 Sweden is nice tho there’s berely any jerears


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The beef is we don't cook our banana unlike them plantain niggas. We already had a beef with xaarbashis but they ate it raw like wtf


Why is it that carribean and madow naag secretly worship Somalis in bed?

If you're good looking enough, the hate goes away.


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