What's happened?


Live life to the fullest
I can understand the inactivity occuring here , from your point of view , it can be a dreadful experience to not witness familiar members that was part of your clique , for example I know this is just my own exaggeration lol but I would categorise them as the bloods and crips , I'm glad that the wild FKD practicioners and NSFW and
crazy gender wars that used to take place here like a tournament have simmered down , shouldn't we be glad that entirely everyone are mainly focused on becoming chess players which is a good thing.

Don't you think that some have resumed to their old lives detaching from social media events.

Even lately we haven't seen eedo @Basra using thumbnails of DP ,but with emojis. Kinda missed when she used to interrogate newbies please eedo come back we definitely need some reviving here , we need to bestow the thrown , she shall reign here once again
eventhough there have been changes , not seeing people spamming repetitive threads is what I don't miss , I'm also steering the boat slowly , all my comrades are now in the bunkers just lurking the wildlife and spectating the pecking order.

I don't even know what I am writing , just going with the flow, just writing , just scribbling , scribbling on here whatever on my mind.
Rasta is becoming a boomer , maybe I need a new dp , can someone suggest me what oldie dp I should make kkkkk

@Molotoff how are you doing my Bosniak friend , it's been a long time , we haven't heard from you , do you mind passing over the Rakija.
We may need Balkan people here , I believe they can throw a party here.
Let them arrive from Sarajevo.


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