What'd you eat today?


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I'll start for breakfast: oatmeal w honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg + some sweet potato roasted with coconut oil, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I hope I'll be too full to think about getting a milkshake later which I do almost everyday lol.

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today i made myself fried chicken with rice and some salad with a big glass of coke.


Kick in the door wavin the .44
ginger, turmeric, mint and orange pressed juice

Oatmeal with home made almond butter, chia seed, and banana

Courgette soup with bread

banana nicecream

Vegetable stew and rice



Kick in the door wavin the .44
How do you make home made almond butter
Roast the almonds on a frying pan. This will bring out their nutty flavour. It will taste bland if not roasted.

Then put them in a food processor and blend. After 2-3min add 3 table spoons of coconut oil ( or however much you like. I use 3 table spoons for my 300g of almonds).

Continue processing. You will start to doubt yourself for the longest because it will not look like butter. Keep going. The magic happens in a matter of seconds.

when it forms a smooth butter texture add 1 tea spoon of vanilla extra, and splash of cinnamon.

(occasionally I add coconut sugar for sweetness)

Same principal for making pistachio nut butter.
Some fatty camel meat cuts, grapes, a couple of apricots, three glasses of raw buffalo milk, a big old salmon filet fried in raw ghee and 5 eggs worth of scrambled eggs fried in raw ghee. Good stuff. Missed my raw yogurt, though. Ran out. Gonna restock in a few days.
What does that taste like lol?
Not so different from raw cow's milk which just tastes like pasteurized milk with a stronger, more ice creamy taste to me. Buffalo milk is that but significantly more creamy. Like, you can really feel how heavy and creamy the liquid is when you drink it. It's a nice feeling, at least for me.