What would you do? (90 day fiancé edition)


I’ve been watching 90 day fiancé from day one and with all it’s craziness I don’t think a single scene has been as jaw-dropping for me as this

The part where she kicks him and the baby out the car and the driver is like:gucciwhat:

Would you be ok with your fresh newborn being walked home on these polluted streets while you got a ride home :farmajoyaab: and peep how she tells him to get out and he says yes:stressed: I don’t know if he’d have responded the same way if she was Ethiopian
that shits pathetic how u gonna get dissrespected like this in ur own country :deadpeter:


Even though she's an idiot, it looked like she wanted him to stand up to her and check her. He failed this shit test horribly. The relationship is already over now that she owns his balls. Miskeen
If I was a local farax and got to be on the show, I will bag a fine Cadaan chick abroad (doable if you have game) and make her run errands for me at my Guri in Somalia saying shit like "too bad the White American men, can't handle their women" and "They are not good in bed in America, so she came to me" or "I think she wanted a real man"

Can you imagine the heat I would get as well as the immeasurable respect/legend status worldwide.

You sound like a madow man. smh