what would Hoyo do if u bring an ajnabi girl.?


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Mine would stab me yall be safe somali women are crazy.
disowned, my parents are so conservative about interracial marriages. They said it's a curse to your family or something, your kids will never learn Somali and become ciyaal suuq. Very bias
Hooyo macaan don’t care as long as they Muslim.

Aabo trying to get me get hitched to a first cousin….Straight no…….BUT if she 10/10?

My mom has caught me throughout the years in the mall and restaurants with ajanab women .

Some ayeeyo or aunty snitches on me so many spies in Canada halimos know your every move , but my mom would just laugh and tell me I'm going to hell if I sleep with ajanab .
Hoyo wouldn't be disappointed or all too bothered. I think Hoyo just wants to be a grandmother. But I'd be disappointed in myself. Somali love is so special, not committing to my own people and waking up every morning for the rest of my life besides a qalanjo. Or not having beautifully homogenous Somali children with Somali features. That'll bother me for a long, long time.

El Nino

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Hooyo wouldn't care but my dad is a full blown nationalist, he can calculate even a sniff of non-somali dna by just looking, my girl gotta be 102% somali with a margin of error of 2%
I don't know , man

I have no hooyo