What Would a Somali Constitution Need To Entail?


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Biggest issues seem to be balancing political representation and qabil nepotism

So how could we address this
It must end 4.5 formula and clan federalism, and the constitutional making body must meet the requirements of State ofSomaliland's 1960 Law of Union with the Trusteeship ofSomalia.

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2-2.5 million isaaqs won’t make up half the constituent assembly my friend. You’ll be classed in with Dir. Somalia ain’t going away from qabil appointments.

Plus with Somaliland isolationist policy, you'll get a bad deal if the constitution is set and written.


It's all so tiresome
Strong property rights. Also let's have a similar 1st & 5th amendments and give corporations personhood so that we're able to build a domestic interest group that can counter foreign influence which currently holds sway in all levels of our government back home.