What valuable life advice would you give to a 20 something?

do well in the dunya, but remember, do not be deceived by your youth- do not put off repentance, Qur'an, and good deeds, thinking oh i will do it when i get old-who guaranteed you next month, forget about the old age you believe you will attain?


Bishop of the order of Gacanta Furan ✋
Stop masturbating, stop gaming and take up hobbies that stimulate your fitness, creativity and intelligence. Not gonna lie, stopping masturbating and cuming so often has fixed a lot of shit for me.

Grigori Rasputin

“No more your dad” “your mom loofs me”
Wariyaha SomaliSpot
Please plan ahead financially. Don’t just work to feed yourself. Invest invest invest now. Have a 5 year leap forward plan in terms of your financial accruements.

go ahead and get yourself a house if you are anyways gonna be renting. (Fix your credit first ). You’ll never lose with owning a house at the right location.

Don’t allow “friends” to pull you back. DONT HAVE FRIENDS just have acquaintances.
Go to school to get a job, don't go to school to pursue studies that wouldn't guarantee employment.
Move out of your hoyo's house.
Learn how to manage you finances.
Read, keep expanding your horizons it'll pay off in surprising ways.
Travel, the world is huge, before you know it you'll be having kids and you won't have the time or the funds to make trips across the world.
Spend as much time as possible with your parents (after you've moved out), small things like chilling at a coffee shop with your hoyo or going on a stroll with your abo. Talking to your parents as an adult vs when you were a kid isn't the same thing.
Take it easy, don't stress yourself out.


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