What to do when you get friend zoned by a Girl?

A lot of guys have been there: Incredibly hot chick, really likes talking to you, spend a lot of time together, and everything makes sense EXCEPT she is not attracted to the nice guy with every thing going for him. You have been friend zoned.

What to do? Most guys take the low road, clawing for bits of attention, cock blocking all but the most qualified assholes, and wasting their time for months, sometimes years with nothing to ever show for it. Have I been there? No, I like myself, and I've never had problems attracting women (not always attractive, but vaginas nonetheless).

Well, maybe in 9th grade, but that was a bus thing, and rejection is always my cue to move on. Do I have other problems with women? Certainly, but that's not what we're here for. We're here for advice on how to get out of the friend zone.

I prefer to take the high road, which includes a few choices and outcomes I wish to share with future cock-locked nice guys before they post a calaacal(let's be honest, a whine) here about what they should do about some perfect chick with an asshole for a boyfriend. Mindset is important, so let's address that first and 90% of the problem is dealt with.

Nobody is perfec, No Body, you will look back one day, see a picture of the girl and be ashamed of your infatuation. Even if they were that good looking, they have an obvious problem with man choosing. This flaw is a symptom of other deeper psychological issues that prevent effective relationship choices by the girl, not helping the matter is your willingness to bend over and take it.

It's a sign of your own issues with honest self appraisal and limited social credibility. Essentially, the first solution is to not get into the situation into the first place. Reach in and find yourself desirable. This is hard to do at times but believe me; everyone is, even if it's not at the moment of your choosing.

Make friends with lots of girls and do not expect anything else if they are either into assholes or have explicitly told you no. They may sugar coat it, but rejection is rejection. Take it and learn from it. Also, having girl friends networks you with other women and will guarantee honest infatuation evaluation if you somehow still fall into the trap.

Rejected! Next.

Now that personal outlook is extended to longer than ten minutes at a time, being friend zoned becomes a much easier and more manageable issue. Suddenly, instead of hanging on the object of intent's every word, you find yourself looking around at all the other potential outcomes that do not end in another boring conversation about what an asshole her boyfriend is.

This should alert her attention if she enjoys manipulating you. She will ask if you're listening. Easy enough to answer, yeah, tell her you read or watched too many books and movies on this same and it always ended in bad, tell her to ditch him instead of my polluting me with these SOB stories every week.

Two things can happen, she gets offended and storms off (problem temporarily solved) or she asks what's wrong, because suddenly her script isn't executing. Here you cannot lose ground by getting passive aggressive and saying “nothing”. You must instantly respond with “Naa leave him if you don't want him”. If she fails to hear, say it until she hears the fact, respond accordingly, and if you have to ask, grow a pair and you will understand.

Afterwards, walk away with swagger. She will call, you will tell her the jig is up, you either like me or not, but wasting my time listening to you talk about the same thing again is about as acceptable as letting you shit on my floor.

Recognize, or get to steppin'. This will hurt her feelings, and as a nice guy you will regret saying it. However, the feelings you hurt are not feelings of losing what might have been. These are the feelings of a girl when they’ve lost their favorite lip gloss. They'll get another without missing a beat. If they were somehow sincere and not manipulating you, they will give you space and restrict hanging out to group time.

To summarize: Call her fat and move along

I know this is long, but you have sat through longer phone conversations about shit that didn't even matter if this advice applies to you, so deal with it. Another way to deal with the friend zone is to embrace it, but on your terms. If they want to go out alone with you, it better be somewhere public where they can't talk and preferably somewhere you want to go, especially if you typically pay for them.

By the way, stop that shit, it's not cute and it leaves you broke with nothing to show for it. Any who, while you are out, use them. But how, when they give me all this attention and half flirtation that makes me think they're interested? Wrong, it's called Variable Interval Reinforcement, one of the strongest methods of behavioral reinforcement.

Sxb Don't be a tool, use them. If this truly is a good looking girl, let her attract the array of pests and vermin. Many of them will likely have girls with them, and even if they don't, girls notice other girls getting attention. This is where you flip the script.

Wink at girls whose boyfriends are too busy staring at your friend. Give 'em a Farahl lip bite, or a nice smile with a head wiggle courtesy of Quagmire. The only direct reward will be the occasional smile back and a little more self confidence to add to your inventory.

However, girls noticing you vaguely walking apart from the girl getting all of the attention will notice you are the one male not currently kissing her ass and have time for the girls left behind. You are imitating the behavior of an asshole now, except without the guilt since you are just friends.

Consequences, the one using you gets jealous and starts sincerely flirting. Ignore it, and now she is lumped with the other girls taking notice of your casual nature around the more attractive of the opposite sex. She is now a competitor, and no longer a prize.

This can be taken even further, though not likely in the case of a conscious manipulator, to the point of making your inaccessible obsession your wingman. Have her talk you up to other girls, maybe set up some casual flirtation in the event you do talk to a girl and want to leave a lasting impression.

Using an attractive girl as a wingman effectively gives the appearance of demand on limited goods, raising the value of your personal inventory. If she refuses to be your wingman, get a better friend, because if you are as nice as she says you are, she should be sincere in helping you look for the right girl and not bitter about being updated into a friend who reciprocates your kindness.


If you fail on this there are others exotic and foreign other women out there. While some women may honestly just need a friend and not a boyfriend and make you a better person for having in your life, make sure no one gets it twisted. You are a man who is looking for a partner; friendship is not a substitute, only an element of it. The search will continue until you have what you want, and no less.

Summary: friend = friend, friend ≠ girlfriend
Most woman flock to me like Flamingos, your probably just have stinky breath or something here some excel gum.
So what personality do you see is supportive in a male.
I should rephrase the way I've worded it. I seek out kindness and empathy in a man but what I dislike are men who are entitled. That is the issue with many of these self-proclaimed nice men. Being nice does not mean you deserve someone's love, you are just being a good and moral person. When you reject many of these "nice" guys, they go ballistic and their personality does a 180.


A man trying to be successful
I should rephrase the way I've worded it. I seek out kindness and empathy in a man but what I dislike are men who are entitled. That is the issue with many of these self-proclaimed nice men. Being nice does not mean you deserve someone's love, you are just being a good and moral person. When you reject many of these "nice" guys, they go ballistic and their personality does a 180.
Yes then they create those incel youtube channels :mjlol:


I ain’t ever get friendzoned, in actuality I friendzone them. Don’t give a fuck and don’t act like a lil ***** and u got it :ayaanswag:


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