what race are the hoor al ayn?

Time to chew on some redpill gummy bears.

If for a moment everyone on earth put their political and nationalistic ideologies to the side and taken to the corner and were confronted with the question regarding the most beautiful women on earth...

90%+ of the earth's population would choose white women,
10%+/- of the earth's population would choose black women.

Facts dont care about anyone's feelings.

So Hoor al Ayn could never be a Bantu/black woman wallahi, even their Bantu/black male counterparts would be offended if offered such a woman.
So are you saying god doesn't rate Black women?

If so, why create them in first place then. And btw it seems rather prejedce of you to assume 90% of you wouldnt black women give that number has never occured in a study.