What is your rational opinion on Transgender people? (No Trolling ITT)

they are simply jins who after fully possessing an individual take over their full personalities and then advance to do with their bodies all types of perversions and anomalies out of human character. fellow brethren i keep on trying to drill into you that we are a living in the jinn era and your stupid little knowledge gained from secular western institutions blind you with puffed up false intellectual arrogance. in terms of modern thinking whether secular scientific based or spiritual you somalis are novices, probably only a generation old. sorry just had to be brutal cause thats the what somalis only know and by the way quite a number of you forumers here are jinns not in the physical sense but in thoght and spirit.
believe its my field i can spot one a mile away


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
A pagan ritual to Baphomet a transgender demon. Elite pushing their sick fetishes on children now
Mentally ill and morally wrong people that western society unfortunately accepts their behaviour instead condemning it. Islam condemns it so will I.

They do not affect me because they are a minority but I would never support it. I symphatise with the muslim suffering from this disease and hope they won’t act on their urges.

May Allah help them.


Ugaas of the supreme gentleman
Mental ilness but just let em live they're not harming anyone.

But bar them from using women's spaces or competing in women's sports events


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I have nothing against them, in fact as a minority I support them. I do find it odd that they're allowed to have children to be on HRT at such a young age.

What do you think?

It's mental illness for them to believe they were mistakenly born wrong sex. Reddit progress pic sub has posts of men going trans and even often looking like beautiful princesses from fairy tales.