What is your favorite song?


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Don’t post music because everytime someone clicks and listens you also get their sins. This is because you put them on with a song.


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Let Them Eat Cake
Micheal :lawd:
My favorite album by far is Bad, I like waay more than thriller. The way you make me feel is my favorite track of his

My all time favorite track is this

2nd favorite track is

You have taste huuno
You have taste huuno
Of course :mjswag:

Listen to those two tracks I've posted.

First one by Mos Def I've been listening to it for A LONG time, it's been a staple in most my playlists. It came out 98, first heard it when I was 10-11, more I listened to it the more it resonated with me.

The 2nd one is from the legendary Peter Tosh, ex-member and original member of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Man was unapologetical as fuck this one is actually my favorite track of him, but in a all time list I'd take Stop that Train

But this track really embodies Peter perfectly

This performed this track all over Europe, first line : Inna mi land...white illegal :krs::krs::krs::lawd:

Peter Tosh is rageedi wallahi:salute:
So uncultured, imma hit you guys with REAL music :lawd:

This for all the niggas that are into trap and all gangistar shit, here's an OG, Curtis Mayfield dig it :whew:

Kanye sample one his tracks for Touch the sky here's the original

Now here's one my favorite female singers and artist Jill Scott:lawd: say mashallah

Beyonce who? She can't touch Jill's legendary vocals :wow:


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Show love to my good friend Abdulqani who took time to make us such a modern lyric video unlike other Somali Youtubers with their Microsoft movie maker style lyric video. I know how difficult Somali lyrics are to get hold of, so make a request and he'll make a video.



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