What is this thing doing in Mogadishu? No Xishoood

He can't go to Hargeysa or Garoowe and talk about politics. Why is this thing always in Mogadishu talking about Mogadishu affairs. When he comes from Goldgodob. He is a pure definition of a parasite. He supported Farmajoo for 4 years because of tribe. Regardless of Farmajoo looting and killing. Somebody needs to tell this thing to go back to wherever it comes from. The security of Mogadishu is for reer Mogadishu. Somalia is federal, there is no more centralism but this thing still sits in Mogadishu with the centralism mentality trying to feed off reer Mogadishu? I know if he tries to talk in Garoowe they would break his jaw because only Deni rules there.