what is the nomadic Somali diet

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somali nomads rarely eat meat. they drink milk, buttermilk and eat shuuro (cornmeal), qar'mac (corn), and sorghum.
As for exercise, Geeljire used to run in their spare time.. They also used to do something called lagdi,=it's kinda wrestling, but not punching each other or hurting

Herding livestocks for long hours till habeen/night is another work= they used to drink Camel milk, which gave em the energy

Watering livestocks singlehandedly at night or evening/Asr

Jumping challenges
Climbing trees
Training with arrows..

A geeljire never feared of attacks from deadly wild animal roaming around baadiyo.. I think it depends tho..

For me, I have encountered many adeers of mine being attacked by lions& hyenas, but they saved themselves from the wild animals. I saw the evidence too, (Scars of biting and so on)

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