What is the most attractive skin tone in your opinion?


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For some reason this reminded me of Frantz Fanon book 'black skin, white masks'


Colonialism had a big effect on what we deem as desirable.
colonialism didn't have much impact on horners in that regard. Most phenotype's looked down upon was already considered undesirable in the region. Dark skin is usually associated with certain features that are considered undesirable which I think is a contributing factor. But I have seen people gas up the most basic looking light skin over a dark skin girl with almost identical features beside skin color.:manny:


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White ages like milk.

Caramel is best, benefits of light but also ages less fast.:diddyass:
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He made his students really uncomfortable he could have used images instead. I think he is a lowkey white supremacist there to make his fellow white people feel good that they are desired even around the world.
Ninkan is always talking about race. Does is matter what colour a person is? I feel like features are the deciding factor in how attractive you look.
Nice healthy, glowing skin is what makes a skin tone pretty to me, not the colour.

Notice, the prettiest people have the healthiest looking skin.
In virtually every culture light skin is preferred and i think you can extrapolate from that to say white skin is the most preferred. I think this has to do with the fact that the color possesses positive connotations. White/light is associated with cleanliness, purity and perfection.