What is on your mind right now?

Bernie Madoff

Afhayeenka SL
If humans weren't around who'd run earth? My money is on dolphins apes are overrated :farole:
Just met up with her today and we sat on a bench eating ice cream today.Hoepfully I will be eating something more interesting next time.
Lent her my hat so she defs is gonna see me again
I'm really sad about what happened in London today. 2 young somali men were killed. It's really depressing stuff. May Allah give them jannatul firdous.
Generally speaking, is trolling as a non-believer considered a sin?:patrice:

That cinina girl, Sumo, & that person that makes Somali smileys reminded me a bit of you as well
No idea, but if something as small as horoscopes is haram then maybe it is :cosbyhmm:
try asking the spot sheik boqol/r? people around here take his word seriously:mjlol:
Yesterday we went for a run, after 20 mins of running we lounged under a eucalyptus tree.Such fun that we started pay fighting for near an hour.Tossing her around was exhilarating.