What is on your mind right now?

Anime is pretty good.

@Hades, I’ll make sure to convert you from watching paint drying to anime :farole:
Why would I tell you my real place of residence

I’ll give you guys a clue. I have been playing another persons whole persona.You might eventually “ get “ me but I’m in disguise.Good luck, I’m out.

I know you’re copying ExcessFame z3zrULC

@Hades, he did this in your thread so I’ll leave it to you :mjpls:
Changed your nick as well it seems.A full blown lesbian as well.
You remind me of her, maybe I’m not the only one hiding my past habibti.
I’m here to cause havoc.Im no quackdemic that’s for sure

It was a phase :fantasia2:
I’m not sure how
you know Me
Mister :holeup:
You’re irrelevant
So continue playing games


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