What is on your mind right now?

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Head space feels like a discombobulated foggy bubble.

Can't think as detailed (or as precise) as wanted to. . .
Whence felt better personally - It will be pristine in feeling in the being with energy.
Take your vitamin Ds. Don't dismiss it as I did. I take 4000 IU and it's improved my life. I can finish the day without being as tired.


Islam wins doesnt take Ls Long Live Somalia 🇸🇴
That BPA plastic shit is fucked why does EVERYTHING HAVE ESTROGEN

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
I was thinking about a chick that I could never have because it's way too late.

But in the same essence it was never meant to be. Oh only Lord knows, maybe? Hmmm
#HeartBroken #StillTough


The Horn ~~~
I gotta stop downloading any random ass game just because I see them on an add for ANOTHER game that I downloaded for the same reason!!

it’s a circle I cant escape

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
I had gotten mail from Publisher's Clearing House today. With promise of $5,000 for the weekly for eternal life.
I got much potential to win this!
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Wish me luck!