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Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
@Dalmoor I thought I had DMOS so I used the hip abductor again

I'm in a world of pain again

It pays to not be stupid but at least I'm certain now:mjhaps:
Sometimes DOMS takes a week depending on how extreme/hard the exercise was/is. If you wanted to try it again, you shoulda taken it very easy...sometimes a break of 2-3 days may not be bad


oooh weee
Why are people putting money on RR. Ridiculous!!

Its never going to go back to its glory days, the writing is clear on the wall!


Cheat on her before she cheats on you.
Aniga geeri iyo nololi way ii gudboonyihiin.

Go'aan baan gaadhnay isticmaarka inaan gubnaa,

Sharduu naga guuro gaashaanka waa la hayn.

Guhaad iyo ciil nin qaba yaa wax gaysan jiray,

Sharduu naga guuro gaashaanka waa lay hayn.