What is on your mind right now?

I wear it alhamdulilah, Its just thoughts from shaitan really. I have worn hijab for so long, its my identity, and a part of whats holding me back is that I fear what people would say if I were to take it off. I would look like a hypocrite, thats what I constantly tell myself.

Recent, within the last year. Its crazy subhana'Allah bc I went through my teens and early 20s and was fine, but all of a sudden I have thoughts of removing it. Fighting your nafs is one of the biggest struggles.
You're very self aware mashallah. I guess i'll just make dua for you then.
Fight later I said this morning.

Knockout round 3 to Tyson.

I wanted money on this but the Somali mandem told me shut up.

I've got the alarm on this mate, I'll wake up and say mashallah.
So the Man from Mars dropped the Coronavirus in Tower Hamlets and goes back to his Million pound House. Don't worry we're not going to die! insha'Allah

Stay strong Tower Hamlets. ❤❤❤
Just stressed lately.
To much on my mind, to much to do, im really bad at handling a lot of things at the same time, i just give up.


Bah Qabiil Fluid
I can't get that chat out my head somalis are hilarious @Veteran I started laughing when I heard someone speak somali today I've lost it LMFAO . If only catfish wasn't cancelled it would be the funniest episode ever