What is happening in our mosques and where are the Somali men?

The fight had nothing to do with the prize, the girl who won it weren't even involved.

This was the reason:

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You will never an Arab, Pakistani or another ethnicity post videos of their women having an argument and then slandering/lying against them. They will hide their shame.

Only Z-omali cucks will you see this type of behaviour.

For once i actually agree with you.

Altercations happen in every community. I live in a heavily Asian area and I have seen Asian aunties bickering and arguing, yet their men don't feel the need to film them or shame them online. They deal with situations in private and as a community.

I'm not excusing the girls behaviour as I think it is shameless to be behaving like this. I got 2nd hand embarrassment from watching that.

However, as a community we need to stop exposing each other and deal with situations internally. I find it worrying that young Somali men on this site gleefully enjoy situations like this.