What has your experience been like with Eastern Europeans

How has your experience been like with them

  • They're racist af

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  • They're cool people

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The ones I've met have been pretty cool. No non-sense people, they don't mince their words lol
I like my racism direct and straight to the point. Not wrapped in a dozen layers of "I'm not racist but..." or "You're one of the good ones" like with most Western European cadaans.


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some of the most racist cadaans
Apparently the ones in America aren't racist and they are mostly liberal. Could it be the fact that they've been in the US for 140 years ? My cousins who were born in the US said that the Eastern Europeans in the US are liberal and not bigoted.
Had a couple Russian friends in high school. They were cool but they were crazy af. Did wild shit, just didn’t give af.
I've met, Polish, Hungarians, Estonian and Bulgarians I never had any issues of racism with them some of them I've worked with and they seem to be decent people. Maybe it's different when you go to their country